Welcome To Information Center!

The Center for Information Technology was established in 1989 to provide a better teaching and learning center. It was reclassified and promoted to an administrative unit directly under president office in 1995 in order to provide greater support for the academic and the administrative functions.

The purpose of the Center is to provide faculty and students with a useful information environment. Its functions are to establish academic information systems, to promote the use of information technology on the campus, and to develop campus-wide network systems.

Campus optical fiber web system has been installed, and, it now has more than 2000 nodes connected to it. The transfer rate of the outer-campus net is over 1 Gbps. The Center for Information Technology is installing cables in all the new building and provides a broadband facility in order to facilitate an even better network environment in the future.

The Center for Information Technology has over two hundred desktop PC computers for students and faculty.

Recently, center has focused on developing Video on Demand (VOD), Virtual Classroom, and World-Wide-Web resources of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Treatments such as Acupuncture, etc.

The Center for Information Technology has kept abreast of up-to-date information technology and install the up-to-date facilities and enhancing the information environ .

Information Center

Location: Huchu building, 7th Floor
TEL:+886-4-22053366 Ext.1590
E-mail: cc@mail.cmu.edu.tw